Why body positivity is SO important

Body positivity. It’s a term you’ve probably heard before. Generally it refers to being positive about the shape and form of everyone’s body - not just those that seem to be celebrated in magazines and media. Being body positive is helpful in increasing your self-esteem and how you feel about yourself.

Body positivity has become a large movement following (and continuing in) the era of heavily photoshopped magazines and advertisements. Popular media makes it seem like the “best” body type to have it to be thin but also have an hour glass figure with sizeable breasts and butt - for women anyway. For men, it might look more unbelievably muscular and lean. Over time there have been many different ideals of body types so really, there is no “perfect” body type. There is just a preferred or more publicly prevalent one in different periods of time. That doesn’t make any body type perfect or imperfect - it just means we might be different than other people and honestly that’s even better.


But having these constant images of “perfection” pushed onto us can lead us to doubt and even feel negatively about the way we look if we can’t live up to that standard. Now, this “idealistic” body type isn’t quite as prevalent as it was even five years ago. It was in every magazine and ad you could find - and while that is still generally true, many brands and businesses are trying to include different sizes and shapes of people.

For example, Stella’s Bridal here in Winnipeg recently brought out more variations and diversity in the size of mannequins for their storefront window. CBC did a story on the store and the manager DeeDee Hunt said "There's all different kinds of body types that come shopping at the store and we want to make sure that everyone knows that we can cater to all of them,” when asked about the decision.

Mental Health Awareness Week - again?

Now we just had Mental Health Awareness Week in Canada which we wrote a post about, but there is ANOTHER one that happened last week. These awareness weeks mainly happened in different parts of the world, but they both talked about important issues.

Last week’s Mental Health Awareness Week was focused on (you guessed it) body image, which was hosted by the Mental Health Foundation. So I want to talk about how important it is to be body positive and #BeBodyKind.

Body positivity is such an important thing to talk about. No matter how anyone looks, we should all have the ability to feel proud of ourselves and like the way we look.

Body positivity at home

There's a really great fitness and nutrition company here in Winnipeg, My Body, that has a big focus on body positivity and helping everyone fall in love with the way they are. The founder Brooke (although I’ve never met her) seems like the sweetest person with only be best intentions and I love what she has done. My Body has also featured various photo projects encouraging everyone to feel comfortable in their own skin.

But you don’t have to go anywhere to engage in being body positive. You simply (and believe me - it is not actually simple) need to stop thinking so negatively of yourself. That little scar or freckle that you might not love is something that makes you who you are and you should be proud of that. You are you because of the things that make you different. So fall in love with who you are and what you look like. You deserve to feel loved in all aspects of your life, especially from yourself.

You can also help to encourage others by telling them things you love about them and complimenting them when you think they look nice. It can be such a small thing but it is such a confidence booster and maybe can help someone feel better about themselves. There’s no room for negativity when it comes to ourselves and those we love. We should all feel great about ourselves, and even though we might have an off day, it’s important we can all feel comfortable in our own skin.

Jennifer P