Nature can help you feel better - even in the winter

Winter can start to feel like it’s dragging on for forever. Sometimes it might even feel like it’s been forever since you saw some greenery. But, as we talked about in a previous blog post, nature can do wonders for improving your mental health and helping you feel better. 

Right now, it’s halfway through March and I can tell you that I’ve been itching to for a walk in a plush and green forest somewhere. Going for walks on trails and through trees is one of my favourite things to do. It helps clear my head and is just so beautifully relaxing to be around so much nature. 

The problem is, at this time of year, the foliage hasn’t had its chance to return yet.  

But there are ways you can get your dose of nature.  


Walking around a conservatory is my absolute favourite way to be involved in nature even when we’re in the dead of winter.  The problem here in Winnipeg, for right now anyway, is we don’t have one. Our conservatory got shut down last year and the new Diversity Gardens at Assiniboine Park is currently under construction (although I can’t wait to go there). 

So, if you live somewhere - or are travelling somewhere that has a conservatory - I highly recommend checking it out. 


Greenhouses are my next best idea at getting into some green space. They’re warm, have lots of light, and are filled with so many different kinds of plants all over the place. Plus, you can even pick up a couple of your own plants to take home too. 

Walking around a greenhouse is really nice and always feels so energizing and inviting.  

Plant stores

These are smaller than greenhouses but are usually open all year whereas greenhouses usually only open just before spring.

I love going to Verde on Kennedy St. in Winnipeg - there is also one in Victoria, BC too. But there are other options too - if you can’t think of any, you can do a quick Google search for ones that are close to you. 

To be honest, sometimes just walking through the plant section in the grocery store gives me a nice little boost.  

Go to cafes or establishments with lots of plants inside  

Now if you’re unable to get to a conservatory of greenhouse, you can go somewhere else that has lots of plants. It can be anywhere really.  

One of my favourites here in Winnipeg is Thom Bargen at their location on Kennedy St. which has a plant wall inside  

Keep an eye out when you go out places and see if you can find anywhere that has lots of plants. Some libraries can be a good option too. 

Bring plants into your home

The smallest but probably easiest way to get more nature into your day is having some of your own plants.  

Over the last couple years I’ve made multiple additions to my plant collection. It is slowly growing but every plant I bring into my space helps me feel just a bit better. My goal is to eventually have a mini jungle in my home but for right now, a few potted plants will have to do.  

Cacti and succulents are my favourite because they are fairly easy to take care of. Some plants also help to purify air too. 

I hope you were able to find some helpful ways to get more nature in your life, even when you’re surrounded by snow and cold weather.  

Let us know if you have any ideas of bringing nature into your life - even when it’s winter outside.

Soon we’ll be able to get outside and see some greenery. It’s starting to warm up as it becomes spring but we still aren’t quite there yet.