Love Your Mind is a self-care initiative based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. We hosted our first series of workshops in January 2019 which was designed to provide attendees with self-care techniques they could take home with them and personalize for their own routine. We also held our first fundraiser in March 2019.

We know everyone’s relationship with mental health is different and self-care is often a large part of that. We’re here to provide you with the opportunity to learn about different self-care tactics so you can try them out yourself.

We are working with Mood Disorders Association of Manitoba to provide you with the best techniques and resources to support your mental health.

Our founder Jenn has done talks on mental health and encouraging self-care and is currently planning our next set of workshops! Stay tuned for more information below but we’d love to chat - send us a message through the form below.


Self-care in your hands.

We’re arming you with the resources and experiences you need
to be able to create your own self-care regimen.

Our Mission

To provide youth and young adults with the tools needed to
practice self-care and improve their own mental health

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